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12:30am 17/06/2005
  the only good thing to come out of this month has been batman begins.  
03:56am 14/06/2005
  i'm gonna update one day  
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11:00pm 14/03/2005
mood: worried
i never update this thing...
04:07pm 19/11/2004
  my normally three hour anatomy lab lasted thirty minutes today.

im gonna go drink now...
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04:30pm 18/11/2004
mood: stressed
i lose 20 dollars somehow, i fail my next to last quiz in anatomy, i almost get into a really bad car wreck driving to fucking goodwill, and my computer is completely fucked. today is the greatest day i've had since i went through the windshield of a car.

i do have a nice tall bottle of jw though...
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06:34am 17/11/2004
  i really hate that i missed pig destroyer on fuse.  
06:28am 16/11/2004
  i woke up way to early today and had a headache for most of the day. i went and ate dinner with erin and that was fun. she had to get back to charleston because she had court in the morning or something so i went to new brookland/courtyard and hung out for a while and then went to nbt and played poker and drank beer which is probably what heaven will consist of, that and naked midgets i think...

i have a test on a book called "how the irish became white." now i don't know who the fuck wrote the book, and i don't know what fucking planet he's been on, but im irish, and i know alot of irish people, and we are some of the whitest motherfuckers alive. i know i know, the book is about racism towards the first few generations of irish immigrants to the us, and thats about all i know about the book, because i haven't looked at it since i bought it back in august as part of my history package.

i have anatomy and physiology in an hour. i think im going to drink some more before i go...
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01:42am 15/11/2004
mood: hulkamaniac
i went to bed around 1 last night and woke up at 530 this afternoon. so i never got a chance to see the sun out.

i have to go to usc this week and straighten out some bullshit with the dean of media arts there before he gives me another f.

hulk hogan wants to kick aaron carter's ass which is amazing.
12:34am 14/11/2004
  the sidewalk will get most of my forty oz tonight...ol dirty bastard died yesterday. it is a sad day.  
at night you lay there turning like a door on its hinges   
02:41am 13/11/2004
mood: annoyed
i am broke. i have three cigarettes left and i am in dire need of some johnny walker red label. i'm suppose to go get my hair cut tomorrow. i do not want to. my computer has a virus. i hate every aspect of this past week.

for the third time in my life i hate to cut open a pig. this time i had to completely skin it. it was really funny to see women that are working on becoming registered nurses having to leave the class room because a bloodless alcohol soaked pig was gross to them. i wonder how long they will say in the room when someone with chunks of muscle and flesh missing from their arm come in and they have to dig glass out of the wounds. or when someone that has gone into shock after being stabbed in the stomach comes in to the er and they have to clean shit out of the wound.

i need to toke.
03:41am 03/11/2004
mood: high
i haven't updated this in a long time...
10:01pm 27/07/2004
  boyz II men are playing in nc in sept.! i plan on going.  
10:30pm 04/07/2004
  neither john kerry nor george bush has anything to offer america. so i say put a headlock on the presidency--vote hogan for 2004  
does that come with the 50 greatest troll love songs written?   
07:41am 30/06/2004
  how the fuck does a movie franchise go from being low budget to somewhat big budget, to exremely low budget? and how does a movie franchise go from being direct to video to theater release to direct to video again? of course i'm talking about the ernest p. worrel franchise.  
01:35am 29/06/2004
  theres some sort of rodent or weird giant bug running around my house. it is now trapped in my room i think. it makes noises every now and then and the cats have cornered it quite a few times. im sort of scared of it because i don't like rodents very much and the weapons i've ever owned have been taken away. i guess if i come face to face with the wingless bat creature of the night i will have to rely on my hand to hand fighting skills alone to defeat it. lets hope it does not come to that though as i'd hate to have to whoop some ass up in this mutha. in thinking of a way to trap it or defeat it without the use of hand to hand combay, i simply ask WWMD--What Would Macgyver Do?  
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someone please kill me   
06:22pm 28/06/2004
  i went and worked out this morning. i really need to quit smoking.

once again i'm left with nothing to do tonight. i wanted to go to gastonia tonight, and i might still go. in either case, the cycle of me not having a goddamn thing to do will continue.
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06:59pm 25/06/2004
  ain't no party like a no limit party cuz a no limit party is tha shiiiiit  
i give you the california dreams theme song the greatest lip synched song in the world.   
05:07am 25/06/2004
  Surf dudes with attitudes
Kinda groovy
Laid back moods
Sky above, sand below
good vibrations
Feelin´ mellow

Don´t give it up
Don´t wanna stop

Don´t wake me up
Don´t wake me up if I´m dreamin´
California dreams
Just let me lay here in the sun
Until my dream is done

Palm trees,
ocean breeze
Let´s go cruising
You and me
Salt air, sun bleached hair
Endless summer
Take me there

Won´t let it go
Want more and more

Don´t wake me up
Don´t wake me up if I´m dreamin´
California dreams
Just let me lay here in the sun
Until my dream is done

Noise and confusion
Tough times in the neighborhood
Let me keep my illusion
These dreams are good

Don´t wake me up
Don´t wake me up if I´m dreamin´
California dreams
Just let me lay here in the sun
Until my dream is done
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i remember as i bleed certain tales of bravery   
11:12pm 22/06/2004
mood: mischievous
apparently like marijuana, whiskey is now ok for medicinal purposes as i now have a bad cold/sore throat and at my request, my mother went out and bought some whiskey for me.

im tired of menthols...
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02:19am 19/06/2004
how often do you poop? be honest.:once a day
Have you ever had anything up your butt?:no
more space for the last question, just in case it was an explicit tale.:
What are your top 3 favorite things to do?:play music, drive, sleep
Was one of those three..... pooping? (going to the bathroom counts too.):no
Do you have gas?:no
how loud can you belch?:not very
What is your favorite technique?:for what
if you said, :
What are you listening to right now?:elliot smith
was it the sound of yourself excreting waste/gas? don't lie.:no
Do you like to dance?:yes
Are you good at it?:no
What are some of your favorite moves, if you like to dance?:the hippidy dibbidy
has anyone ever taught you the cobra dance? It's a very important dance.:no
When do you do the cobra dance? WHEN!? HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FEEL?:?
do you take/need/ever wanted dance classes?:no
more poopadelic questions
have you ever eaten something you weren't supposed to?:yes
if yes, ............was it poop?:maybe...
When were you potty trained?:when i was three
Have you ever had Lice?:no
What's your favorite number?:zero
Has ur poop ever been any color besidesbrown or an interesting shade of it?:yes
What was the most disturbing thing you've ever seen?:someone shitting on their hand
The most recent disturbing thing?:can't say
The grossest thing you've ever heard:if there's grass on the field, play ball
The second most disturbing thing ever:i dunno
do you like pier?:no